Flexible And Fair
PetSafe specialises solely in the transportation of pets.

We consider ourselves to be animal lovers who do everything for your animal so that it will be happy in our custody.

Apart from enquiries on the subject we became aware of the need for this service through our experiences as animal owners, proprietors and colleagues of the removals industry and now we are an active in the removals and relocation market.

Our service is new and up-to-date.

A change of location is for all concerned an unsettling period. But for our pets it is pure stress.
The longer the distance the more difficult is the execution of the journey with the pet. Whoever has already transported a cat in the car will know the noticeable behaviour. Pathetic wailing and sweaty paws are only two of the symptoms caused by stress. It is impossible to oversee that the animal does not feel at all well.

A dog’s behaviour also does not let any doubts arise about its happiness. Listlessness and hectic panting are clear indicators.
For the animal many a complaint can be avoided or at least reduced through correct transport and the gentlest measures possible. Even within a country a long distance can present a problem.  Some animals are extremely sensitive, to the extent that unprofessional transportation can actually cause damage, damage which could so easily be avoided.

Frau mit Hunden Responsible animal owners give thought to how they can avoid distressing their animals. For this reason and out of love of animals we have specialised in pet transportation.

We offer you the best possible solution during transfers along with the greatest convenience and comfort for both humans and animals.
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