All travelling compartments, designed, and custom fitted by Us ( Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) standards and are securely fixed to the vehicle flooring and walls, specially designed and ‘fit for purpose. Licenses transportation services and sets standards and has licensed ‘Pet Safe’ with a type 2 classification of authorization. Operationally active throughout USA, Canada,  Europe, France, Spain, Germany, Italy in addition to United Kingdom internal journeys. We are also an Animal Health and Vetinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) licensed quarantine agent able to transport animals direct to quarantine
Dogs will be exercised regularly, reducing stress levels and giving comfort & reassurance to your pet. We only walk and exercise dogs in open spaces and on lead, thus ensuring safety and security . Travelling compartments are lined with vet recommended linings which are regularly changed. It is highly recommended that dogs and cats travel with ‘familiar’ items such as a rug or toy lending reassurance and familiarity to senses. Dogs will be exercised last thing in the evening for comfort and reassurance before bed. Your specific feeding instructions will be executed to the last detail.
Dog Transportation
Cat Transportation
Cats are proud independent creature but to ensure their peaceful transportation, they are segregated from doggy travelling companions. Their ‘cat carriers’ are custom built and securely fitted. As with their canine travelling companions, we recommend they travel with familiar items such as blankets. Cats are also regularly exercised during their trip with Pet Safe.
We welcome any enquiries from owners with ‘different’ pets requiring transport worldwide and will consult and take advice from professionals and owners to ensure their comfort and safety throughout our journeys.
Older pets will be given more frequent support and observation during travel with any medication required to be administered to the owner’s written instruction and signed off by the courier on pet care ‘reporting’ systems provided to accompany all animals travelling with Pet Safe. A pet ramp is available for elderly and slightly more infirm travelling guests. Twin synchronized air conditioning units ensure fresh air throughout during our journeys with tinted windows incorporating film coating which protects against any potential projectile glass if windows are shattered by stones thrown up by HGV or other vehicles as most of us have all experienced during motorway driving at some time or another
Different Pets
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