On this page you will find current information about pet removals.
In order to comply with the required regulations we regularly obtain information from local legislators, and also about the current laws, regulations and changes in these in contract-related countries.

Good to know

Calculating the size of transport containers

The box should be large enough for the animal to always be able to stand up,
sit, turn around and lie in a natural position. Animals in boxes which are too
small will NOT be accepted for transportation by the airlines.

We ask that you appreciate that we cannot be made responsible for delays caused by the cancellation of flights, weather, embargos, customs’ clearance, along with missing or incorrectly issued certificates.

Our staff will be happy to help you with any question concerning vaccinations and entry regulations.

Thanks to our close cooperation with the airlines we can book the suitable flight for your animal and, if requested, can offer a suitable transport container. Throughout USA, Canada, Europe we will collect your animal from your home if so requested.
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